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Trinity county resource conservation district

*These positions have been filled*

Weaverville, CA

1. Fire Safe Trinity

2. Weaverville Community Forest Steward III

Desired Skills/Traits:

  • Natural Resource management, forestry, recreation, & watershed health

  • Volunteer Coordination and working with Youth

  • Microsoft Office Suite, Excel

  • Ability to work in field and hike difficult terrain with 50 lbs pack

  • GIS Mapping

  • Strong communication, self-motivated, positive attitude

  • Meeting facilitation and collaboration 


Openings: 0 of 2

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Focus Area: Forestry/Fire

Ecological Forestry, Watershed Management, Climate Mitigation & Adaptation, Fire Preparedness & Management, Education & Outreach

project breakdown







Education & Outreach


Goals & Needs

Project One

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District (the District) has a vibrant and diverse community which benefits from supporting diverse ideas and approaches in the workplace. The District supports initiatives and new ventures which benefit the local community. The GrizzlyCorps member that would be selected for this location would have the opportunity to work with each project area to incorporate what each discipline has to offer to benefit the Trinity County Fire Safe Council. Trinity County has been significantly impacted by wildfires in the last five years and the implications from the drought could only increase the intensity and severity of fire impacts. This opportunity will provide opportunities for networking with state, local, and federal agencies and local non-profits for education, outreach, and project development related to Trinity County Fire Safe Council needs. The GrizzlyCorps member will walk away with experience working on county guiding documents, networking with multiple agencies for feedback, hosting community and neighborhood workshops, developing and maintaining a sustainable social media strategy, and youth education. This project contributes to GrizzlyCorps goals to improve forest resiliency, professional development, and climate action. 

Project Two

This position will seek to improve the cooperation and collaboration within the Weaverville Community Forest through the implementation of the 2021-2028 Strategic Plan. This position will collaborate and lead educational workshops and tours, develop and implement new projects and/or initiatives, and showcase success stories in the Community Forest covering all natural resource topics This position will require collaboration with resource managers from the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Trinity County Resource Conservation District, Trinity Trails Alliance, the Watershed Research and Training Center, and interested members of the public. 

This project builds off the efforts of the District’s 2020 GrizzlyCorps Fellow, who developed the 2021-2028 Strategic Plan, to work on the implementation. This project moves out of the Forest Health specific management of the 2021 GrizzlyCorps Fellow to take a broader approach with education and outreach for all natural resources. This GrizzlyCorps Fellow will have more hands-on opportunities with GIS mapping and development as well as trails building and maintenance during this service year.

Capacity Building Projects

Project One

The District is the coordinator for the Trinity County Fire Safe Council. This Council is a collaboration between local, state, and federal agencies with members of the public to improve the cooperation and collaboration of wildfire management throughout Trinity County. The Council works to promote Firewise and fire safe education as well as community involvement and awareness to all things wildfire. The Council works to develop projects and maintain sustainable funding streams for fuel reduction, home hardening, and defensible space work throughout the County. This position will have an emphasis on outreach and forest management with exposure to technical assistance and implementation.

The GrizzlyCorps Member placed in Weaverville, CA will assist with the following tasks:


  • Enroll landowners in a neighborhood ambassador program.

  • Conduct a CWPP Annual review and collaborate to develop a GIS database housing data from multiple agencies

  • Identify future projects.

  • Partner with the Watershed Research and Training Center for education and outreach opportunities.

  • Attend Council monthly meetings and coordinate community meetings, participate in workshops and fairs.

  • Map and pull noxious weeds

  • Assist with Weaverville Summer Day Camp and support efforts for youth education in schools.

  • Complete prescribed burning with federal partners

  • Other duties as assigned

Project Two

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District (the District) is a steward of the Weaverville Community Forest (WCF) located in Trinity County, CA. This stewardship is a collaboration between the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Forest Service, and the District to manage the forests around Weaverville to benefit the local economy, maintain the viewshed, and create a resilient forest with the input of the local community. The WCF is home to many recreational trails, timber lands, historic resources, and wildlife habitat.

The GrizzlyCorps member will assist with the following tasks:

  • Identify future Forest Health, Watershed, Trails, and Education Projects

  • Collaborate to develop a GIS database housing data from multiple agencies

  • Continue and build upon outreach and events within the WCF and highlight successes through community and stakeholder tours.

  • Partner with the Trinity Trail Alliance, USFS, and others to support their trail building/maintenance days

  • Attend quarterly WCF Planning Meetings, and facilitate coordination of the 2022 Annual Public Meeting.

  • Map and pull noxious weeds

  • Plan Weaverville Summer Day Camp field trips to the WCF

  • Other duties as assigned

This opportunity has the flexibility to adapt to meet the interests of the GrizzlyCorps Member and provide a place for that member to start projects or monitoring protocols that will continue after their service is complete creating a long lasting effect for the WCF. As the climate is changing and impacting wildfire severity this position will provide opportunities to participate in or develop projects related to wildfire management.

To learn more about the Weaverville Community Forest, its mission and history visit:

Organizational & Community Highlights

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District is a special district of Trinity County with its headquarters nestled in Weaverville, California at the foothills of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Weaverville, the County seat of Trinity County, is approximately sixty minutes from Redding in Shasta County and two hours from Arcata along HWY 299. Trinity County has a population of approximately 16,100 people and over 76% of the land in Trinity County is managed by the federal government. There is an abundance of outdoor recreation activities including access to the Trinity River along the HWY 299 corridor. Weaverville has a quaint historic downtown along Main St with a few art galleries, shops, and restaurants, yet is limited in indoor activity options. Trinity Lake and Lewiston Lake are just a short drive away with great fishing, hiking, swimming, and boating opportunities.

The mission of the District is to assist in protecting, managing, conserving, and restoring the natural resources of Trinity County through information, education, technical assistance, and project implementation programs. The District has a very open community with 12 full time employees and 20 seasonal employees. The District is divided into six main project areas; education and outreach, revegetation, road improvement, geographic information systems, forest health/fuel reduction, and watershed management. Each program coordinator works in tandem with one another to accomplish objectives on our multidisciplinary projects, each program area playing to their strengths to provide quality service to members of the public and our funding sponsors.

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