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Addressing community needs to the changing climate


What is Grizzlycorps?

GrizzlyCorps is a AmeriCorps fellowship launched in 2020 designed by Project Climate at UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment in partnership with CaliforniaVolunteers. Our program sends recent college graduates into rural communities across California to promote regenerative agri-food systems and fire and forest resilience. 

our model

Capacity Building

building capacity across the state through support of local efforts and community stakeholders

Community Resilience

improving climate preparedness and equitable community resilience

Climate Action

promoting projects that mitigate and respond to unique bio-regional threats around climate disruptions in California

Professional Development

engaging recent college graduates in unique field-work settings and professional mentorship

sukhmony b&w.jpeg

Sukhmony B.
University of California Cooperative Extension, Fresno County

“GrizzlyCorps was an incredible experience that deepened my understanding of the on-the-ground challenges many farmers face in practicing regenerative agriculture, all while illuminating some of the practical solutions public/private agencies and policymakers can prioritize to remedy these challenges. The GrizzlyCorps program staff was supportive each step of the way, and I feel really lucky to have grown - both personally and professionally - alongside my fellow GrizzlyCorps cohort.”

alex B&w.jpeg

“The GrizzlyCorps community has been an unwavering source of support and inspiration as I have transitioned from college into the workforce. The relationships and knowledge developed during this fellowship have deepened my commitment to being a part of the movement building a resilient, justice-oriented, ecologically vibrant climate future.”

Joaquin planting b&w.jpg

“I believe what I am most proud of is the amount of knowledge I was able to grasp in such a short amount of time. It was not until Hopland last September that I even knew there were different kinds of oaks so I have definitely learned a lot. GrizzlyCorps and their training, flexibility and desire to help has allowed me to say yes to opportunities I couldn't imagine a year ago and allow me to explore what I want to do with my life. GrizzlyCorps has always supported me no matter what but I believe the best has been their support for me to start a second fellowship while still being in the GrizzlyCorps organization.”

grizzly voices

Joaquin P.
Yolo County
Resource Conservation District

Alex L.
The Center For Land-Based Learning

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delphine irrigation .jpg
 * Fellow Delphine filling up a   watertank to irrigate silvopastures 

We'd like to offer our deep thanks to PG&E and the Central Valley Foundation for their generous support of GrizzlyCorps.


Thank you to the Andrews Environmental Law Fund and the Erin Ziegler Fund for Environmental Law for its contributions to GrizzlyCorps.

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