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Addressing community needs to the changing climate

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What is Grizzlycorps?

GrizzlyCorps is a AmeriCorps fellowship launched in 2020 designed by Project Climate at UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment in partnership with CaliforniaVolunteers. Our program sends recent college graduates into rural communities across California to promote regenerative agri-food systems and fire and forest resilience. 

our model

Capacity Building

building capacity across the state through support of local efforts and community stakeholders

Community Resilience

improving climate preparedness and equitable community resilience

Climate Action

promoting projects that mitigate and respond to unique bio-regional threats around climate disruptions in California

Professional Development

engaging recent college graduates in unique field-work settings and professional mentorship

GrizzlyCorps Fellow: Zach Skalak

Zach Skalak

Yolo County Resource
Conservation Distric

“GrizzlyCorps is a fantastic program that helped me meet my professional development goals and launch my career in conservation as a fresh college graduate. I've been able to learn valuable GIS and plant ID skills, engage with other environmental professionals, and support my community in the process. I am most proud of my restoration work in native habitats across Yolo County and I would definitely recommend GrizzlyCorps to young professionals interested in climate solutions, conservation, and fire resilience.”

GrizzlyCorps Fellow: Nina Adarkar

Nina Adarkar
Farm to Pantry

“I'm most proud of launching the Farm to Snack educational program with Farm to Pantry. We worked with Healdsburg After School Care and the Roseland Boys and Girls Club to do an after-school cooking series and a summer program with farm field trips and cooking and nutrition lessons, with the goal of allowing kids to connect with the earth, the food system, and each other. I'd never started my own educational program before, so it was a great experience to work with Duskie, the ED, to build out the curriculum and network to make the program happen. I've loved being a part of the Grizzly cohort. It's such a loving and accepting group of people. Everyone's varied educational and career paths have really inspired me. I see new paths in the environmental field for myself that I didn't before, and there's so many things I'm inspired to try because of the Grizzlies I've talked to.”

Makayla collecting data on trees

Makayla Freed
Pepperwood Preserve

“When I started my first term two years ago, I initially found myself thinking things like "I'll never be able to do ________ on my own," "I'll never have confidence to do __________," and "I'm not skilled enough to do __________." After some training and lots of learning, I'm now able to take on tasks independently that help inform Pepperwood's groundbreaking research on climate change, biodiversity, and more. Being a part of GrizzlyCorps truly has given me confidence in myself that I did not previously have. I have GrizzlyCorps to thank for many of the experiences and skills that have extended my position at my host site into a full-time role.” - Makayla Freed

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delphine irrigation .jpg
 * Fellow Delphine filling up a   watertank to irrigate silvopastures 

We'd like to offer our deep thanks to PG&E and the Central Valley Foundation for their generous support of GrizzlyCorps.


Thank you to the Andrews Environmental Law Fund and the Erin Ziegler Fund for Environmental Law for its contributions to GrizzlyCorps.

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