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Fellowship experience

Day in the Life


Due to the nature of our program, every GrizzlyCorps fellow has an entirely unique experience. Fellows are placed full time with our partner organizations, serving about forty hours a week on their team for eleven months. Each fellow has a dedicated supervisor at their host site and is working on capacity building projects designed specifically for their position. For detailed descriptions on what a day in the life could look like for you, please read through the position description for each of our host site partners. We also encourage candidates to explore our blog, graduation videos, and social media to gather a sense of what it is like to be a GrizzlyCorps fellow. Have any questions? Explore our FAQ below. 


GrizzlyCorps Training and Support


All GrizzlyCorps fellows participate in our training program which consists of 90-100 hours of GrizzlyCorps Curriculum. In addition, fellows receive on-site training and project support from host site staff throughout the year.

Starting in October, our fellows also meet with GrizzlyCorps staff for one-on-one check-ins twice a month. These check-ins are intended for fellows to have a safe space to provide feedback, seek support and discuss career goals. 


Although our GrizzlyCorps fellows are placed across the state of California, we strongly believe in the importance of a cohort experience. Each year the program launches with a week-long orientation, followed by monthly cohort trainings, weekly “fireside chats,” quarterly in-person events, optional affinity group meetings, and regular communication via email and Slack. Many of our fellows live together, work in the same communities and, over the course of the year, become lifelong friends. 

Explore the visual arc of our training program through the slide deck below. 

rose tehama 2.jpg

Rose J.

Tehema County Resource
Conservation District

“This experience has, in just 11 months, set me up with enough experience to pursue a meaningful career in forestry and sustainable land practices. I could not have gotten so much diverse experience and training anywhere else."

sittingheadshot - Mikayla Tran.jpg

"Sustainable Conservation provided me great insight into nonprofit workplace dynamics and the value of mission-driven work, which I hope to pursue as a future public interest lawyer. The personal connections I have made at GrizzlyCorps and Sustainable Conservation have encouraged immense personal and professional growth for myself, and I am humbled to have had the opportunity to serve alongside such amazing individuals."


“As a recent graduate, GrizzlyCorps has given me a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow compared to traditional early-career pathways. I have a wide latitude to explore my interests and experiment with new ideas, leaving me with innumerable skills and perspectives to take into the future. 

Bryce H.

Mendocino County
Resource Conse
rvation District

Mikayla T.
Sustainable Conservation

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