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A Musical Glimpse into Quincy California

Polzack Brother's impromptu performance

This year, I am lucky to be in service with Lost Sierra Food Project, a community-based nonprofit in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We are based in Plumas County, a remote area of Northeast California that has minimal access to fresh produce and health services. As a “frontier” community, with eight people/square mile and eighty-five miles from the nearest city, many of our resident’s experience chronic food insecurity and lack basic health services. LSFP delivers applied programs on our small production farm that focus on local food access, prioritizing underserved populations, and regenerative farming education. The non-profit operates a 2-acre educational and production farm, Rugged Roots Farm, where we grow produce for our programs, partnerships, and community.

In my time with the organization, much of my time has been focused on a community needs assessment of producers and the struggles they face to maintain their livelihoods. The feedback will hopefully guide support and advocacy to better serve the food system in the county. With this work, I had the opportunity to dive into the community and meet many people with different backgrounds and experiences. Through this lens and many other experiences, I have grown to cherish the energy and community of this tiny town I live in. It is unique and resilient in so many ways it is hard to describe. Instead of attempting to write about the town from my singular point of view, I thought I would ask friends and community members to send me a song that reminds them of Quincy. Music and arts are a big part of the town. Here is that playlist. Enjoy! It will only grow with time.

Polzack Brother's impromptu performance

Words and Music December event

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